Women-Safe Network

Women-Safe Network

Danger Awareness and Self Defense

Thursday, December 13, 2018
The Women-Safe Network is dedicated to the education and safety of women... Welcome!                                                                                                                                                      Learn real life self-defense techniques to protect yourself from danger!
Learn How to Protect Yourself During a Dangerous Situation
Violence against women is a serious problem in our society and the fear most women feel is a response to that reality. In private and public spaces, women are often targeted with sexual violence such as sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape. There are also many other forms of violence experienced by women. These include emotional and physical violence such as threats, intimidation, stalking (criminal harassment), exploitation, assault, abduction and murder.

Womens’ safety focuses on prevention strategies and self-defense techniques, which aim to reduce violence and provide education on how to escape from dangerous situations.

Our program features 5 individual womens’ safety courses and 5 exclusive self-defense tactics DVDs. You’ll receive one safety course and one self-defense tactics DVD each month. The safety courses will discuss and provide countermeasures for topics including:
  Danger Awareness
  Home Invasions
  Street Safety
  Video Terrorism
  Rape, Assault and Abuse
  Date Rape
  Travel Safety
  Identity Theft and Internet Security
  ATM Safety

Extremely affordable - only $49.95 per month (a 5-month program featuring 5 levels of certification). You may stop the program at any time. For more information please call: 1-888-750-SAFE (7233)
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