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Women-Safe Network

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Thursday, December 13, 2018
The Women-Safe Network is dedicated to the education and safety of women... Welcome!                                                                                                                                                      Learn real life self-defense techniques to protect yourself from danger!

Travel Safety Tips

• If traveling to another country, find out about their laws, customs, etc.
• Carry your money and personal documents (license, passport, credit cards, etc.) in a bag or purse that you can conceal under your clothing.
• Use a disposable camera rather than a digital or 35mm. Expensive cameras are popular targets for theft.
• Don’t go out after dark alone.
• Always hold onto your luggage.
• Don’t wear a lot of jewelry. Having a lot of expensive looking or flashy jewelry makes you an easy target for predators.
• Avoid eye contact with men.
• If possible, it is best to travel with another person or in a group.
• Use a business card for a luggage card instead of using your home address.
• Never tell anyone that you are traveling alone. If someone persistently asks, lie, if necessary.

When Hailing A Taxi
• Avoid hailing a taxi when you are alone. Call a cab company ahead of time to schedule a pick up at your location. When the cab arrives, ask the driver to confirm who he is picking up to make sure they are from the company that you called.
• Always try to share a cab with a friend or someone you know.
• Sit in the back of the cab car. Never sit in front with the driver.
• Don’t engage in personal conversations with the driver. It is okay to be friendly, but don’t give out too much information about yourself or your travel plans.
• When you get to your destination, ask the driver to wait until you are inside.
• If you ever feel uneasy or threatened, have the driver let you out at a familiar, busy or popular place. Always trust your instincts!

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